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Lawyer and his objectives

Advocate – is a person who provides quality legal assistance to individuals, citizens and legal persons or organizations, including the protection of their interests, activities and rights in court.

The objectives of advocacy are to protect the rights, freedoms and interests of citizens, access to justice.

Advocate has some guarantees for the rights of the defense. Such as:

1) The duty of inquiry agency, investigator, prosecutor or court to the suspect (accused) the ability to defend the statutory means and methods, as well as protection of their rights;
2) the suspect, accused, defendant has the right to choose a desired marker, but if the defender had not been elected, the state's request to appoint him as the authority of the state are required to meet;
3) as an additional safeguard duty assignment is set to the suspect, the accused and the accused counsel, regardless of their requests.

The hallmark of the profession is organizing it on a professional basis by persons to acquire the status of an attorney.

This profession - is a voluntary professional association of qualified lawyers established to provide legal assistance to individuals and legal entities. The legal profession – is a non-profit organization, it is not intended to profit. The legal profession –is not a government structure, and professional association of independent authorities. Advocacy - is a qualified legal assistance to be provided in a professional manner by persons who have received the status of a lawyer with the law, individuals and legal entities in order to protect their rights and interests, and to ensure access to justice.

A lawyer of the XXI century - is an independent professional legal adviser. Specialist this profile belongs to the people of "free trade" as well as freelance journalists or private practitioners.


The activity of lawyer

Lawyer – is a person who possesses special (professional) knowledge of the law and is able to apply them in practice. Legal activities are activities related for using of special legal knowledge and aimed at solving legal problems - is a multifaceted work that takes place in all spheres of life. The legal profession has appeared much later than the state emerged. It took many centuries before they became sought after experts in the sphere of public law. At first they were used exclusively in the sphere of law enforcement life, that is, the scope of state coercion. Gradually, the courts began taking on not only the application of penalties, but also consideration of the various disputes between citizens. Entry into the industrial era and the creation of corporations have created a boom of economic disputes between organizations. Now it is virtually impossible to win anything, even simple legal case without the involvement of a lawyer. Forward-thinking leaders of organizations not to bring relations with business partners to court, take the lawyers inside the state and abroad are with them. Then the lawyers came to politics: the knowledge in the sphere of law become necessary to create laws in addressing management issues, etc. In the social sphere, the positive involvement of lawyers was evaluated at the last turn, when our country has the opportunity to some extent support disadvantaged sections of society.

Lawyer activity is varied and carried out in various kinds that can be classified as follows:

- Consulting the principal;
- Preparation of legal documents;
- Acting as a counsel or representative of the principal.

A lawyer should to participate as a counsel of the principal in enforcement proceedings, as well as in the execution of criminal penalties; to provide advice or some information in legal issues in oral and written form; provide applications, complaints, motions and other legal papers, to represents all interests of the principal , to participate as a counsel of the principal in criminal process and proceedings in administrative cases and represent in all interests of the principal organs of the state power, bodies of local self-government, some NGOs and other organizations; to participate as a representative of the principal in some civil and administrative cases; also to participate as a counsel of the principal in the handling of cases in the Court of Arbitration or International Commercial Arbitration (the court) and other institutions for conflict resolution, to represent the interests of the principal in government agencies, international judicial bodies, non-governmental organizations of foreign states, courts or law enforcement agencies of foreign countries, unless otherwise provided by the laws of foreign states, the statutes of international judicial members and other international or treaties or organizations. The need for a lawyer is an important factor in everyday life. Whatever you`re doing and wherever you work, a lawyer can help in major of problems. Criminal lawyer, immigration lawyer, administrative lawyer and others can help you in deciding some questions and problems.

But it is very hard to find a lawyer and to trust him. Do you want to be sure in help and defense - can help you in this.

Do you have some problems with law? will give you a criminal lawyer who will be able to decide all your problems. If you are worry about your mowing to another country, immigration lawyer will be able to help you.

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